A.M. Links: U.S. Bungles Edward Snowden Extradition Request, Republicans Mull Responses to Gay Marriage Decision, Judge Rules on Starbucks Tips


  • i'll supervise, what's your middle name?
    rocket ship/foter.com

    U.S. officials got Edward Snowden's middle name wrong in the extradition request sent to Hong Kong, which could be why Hong Kong declined to grant it. Top. Men.

  • Barack Obama arrives in Senegal to start a week-long trip in Africa meant to assuage criticism he's ignored the continent in his presidency so far. Now cut taxes to assuage criticism you're a tax and spend liberal.
  • Republican congressman Tim Huelskamp suggests a constitutional amendment to reverse the "radical" Supreme Court's gay marriage decision. Justin Amash, meanwhile, warns fellow Republicans not to say anything stupid in response to the decision, which he says is supported by many young conservatives. Too late.
  • A military appeals court overturns the murder conviction of a Marine sergeant who led a squad in Iraq that captured, bound, and then killed a civilian because the sergeant's statement to a military investigator should've been ruled inadmissible.
  • The leftie gossip blog Gawker, which once ran an item suggesting a maximum allowable wage, is being sued by three interns who say the company violated minimum wage laws by not paying them anything for their work.
  • Kimberly McCarthy becomes the 500th inmate executed by the state of Texas since the death penalty came back to use in 1982. Rick Perry, meanwhile, has called a second special session to reconsider new sweeping restrictions on abortion in the state.
  • A court rules shift supervisors can share tips with the service staff at Starbucks but not assistant managers.
  • Pope Francis wants to audit the Vatican Bank, long accused of corruption and money-laundering.

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