Military Halts Production of Medals for Drone Operators, White House Rejects Ryan's Budget, Danish Officials Considering Plan to Import Pot From Washington and Colorado: P.M. Links


Credit: david_axe/flickr
  • The military has stopped making medals for drone operators after backlash from veterans and lawmakers.
  • The White House has (perhaps not surprisingly) rejected the budget proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), saying that "The math just does not add up," and that it is "the wrong course for America."
  • City officials in the Denmark's capital are pushing to legalize marijuana, arguing that they could possibly import cannabis from Washington and Colorado. 
  • Astrobiologists have said that while the universe might be really, really big life is probably very rare, if it exists outside Earth at all. The announcement comes on the same day NASA said that life could have existed on Mars
  • Almost 21,000 people in Obama's home state of Hawaii could lose Medicaid coverage thanks to Obamacare. 
  • Since the last Senate budget the U.S. debt has risen by $5.5 trillion. A 1921 law requires that the president send Congress a budget plan on the first Monday of February, which Obama did not do.

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