A.M. Links: US and Allies Pushing for Investigation into North Korea's Human Rights Record, InTrade Shuts Down Trading, Air Force Removes Drone Data From Website


Credit: petersnoopy/flickr
  • The U.S. and its allies are pushing for a formal investigation into North Korea's human rights record, a move human rights activists say is long overdue. 
  • The betting site InTrade has shut down trading. A vague memo from InTrade says that the decision was due to "circumstances recently discovered," and that these circumstances require investigation. 
  • The Air Force has removed data on the number of weapons released by drones from its website. 
  • Italian officials say that they believe the seven foreign nationals who were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria last month have been killed. 
  • One of the suspects allegedly involved in the gang rape that killed a young Indian woman in December last year has been found dead in his prison cell. Ram Singh, who shared his cell with three other inmates, appears to have hanged himself. 
  • Two American troops have been killed in Afghanistan after a police officer opened fire in a police station that American forces were visiting. 

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