Michelle Obama

First Lady Announces Private-Public Partnership to Fight Obesity

Program supported by Nike


As part of her campaign to curb childhood obesity, Michelle Obama on Thursday announced an ambitious plan to increase physical education in the country's public schools with the help of private companies.

Under the $70 million program, the first public-private partnership of its kind, schools will be able to apply for grants to assess and improve their health and physical education programs, with the goal of getting children to exercise an hour a day.

"This is an earth-shattering awesomely inspiring day," Mrs. Obama said in an emotional speech announcing the program in her hometown. "I grew up just a few miles from where we are today, over on the South Side." She said that even though "my family certainly wasn't rich, our neighborhood was barely middle class," back then "being active was a way of life." She recalled doing double Dutch on jump-ropes and going to summer camp.