A.M. Links: Car Salesman, Members of Congress Least Trusted Profession, U.S. Doesn't Want Internet Regulations on Table at ITU Conference, Private Expedition to the Moon?


  • at least he's not a congressman?

    Car salesmen, members of Congress, and ad men are at the bottom of the list of most trusted professions in Gallup's latest survey.

  • The military's highest court dismissed the judge in the Ft. Hood shooting case, calling into question his impartiality. The court tossed his order to have Nidal Hassan's beard forcibly removed.
  • American negotiators do not appear to want Internet regulations to be on the agenda at a telecom conference underway in Dubai.
  • Eight students were killed in an attack by rebels on a school in Damascus, according to Syrian state television.
  • Will there be a private expedition to the moon?
  • Voyager 1 is on the brink of entering interstellar space.
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