A.M. Links: Mitt Slammed for Doubting FEMA, Japan To Try More Keynesianism, Sniper Takes Out Suicidal Teen


  • Hurricane Sandy damage

    Federal fanboys see an opportunity, in the frankenstorm, to take Mitt Romney to task for suggesting that anybody other than the feds should respond to nature's curve balls. Cuz government is so uniquely excellent at the job.

  • President Obama says he's like to create a new Cabinet-level "Secretary of Business" if re-elected. That's right, Mr. President. You must first name what you would destroy.
  • The Bank of Japan is poised to feed the economy some more of that yummy Keynesian stimulus, since the country has stubbornly refused to emerge from its doldrums for about 15 years. This time will be the charm.
  • In the Netherlands, the Liberal and Labor parties have crafted a coalition that has already agreed to billions in spending cuts and plans to eliminate the government's deficit by 2017. Meanwhile, in the U.S. …
  • Chicago is seeing growth in one of its traditional industries: homicide. The city has already surpassed its murder total for 2011.
  • A California law that heaps new burdens on third parties before they can appear on the ballot was blocked by a judge who cynically suggested that it might have been crafted to limit political competition.
  • After being called to the scene by a suicidal boy's parents, police in Cherokee County, Georgia, quickly dealt with the lad's woes — by taking him out with a sniper. Oh yes, they did.

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