A.M. Links: Romney Plan "Starving Obamacare Through Regulations," West Virginia Dems Cold on Obama, Gary Johnson an Official Write-In Candidate in Michigan

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  • like a bat out of heck

    Romney's transition team, the "Readiness Project," is reportedly preparing to move carefully at the beginning of a putative Romney administration, managing expectations on the economy and being pragmatic about Obamacare.

  • Mitt Romney himself, meanwhile, sang "America the Beautiful" with Meatloaf.
  • It's all relative in West Virginia. The governor and the senator running for re-election in that state are both Democrats but neither has yet publicly endorsed Barack Obama.
  • The Libertarian Party has filed Gary Johnson as an official write-in candidate in case they lose their legal battle against Republicans to get Johnson on the ballot.
  • CNN founder Ted Turner offered to Piers Morgan that the rising number of suicides among military service personnel (more this year than the number of combat deaths) was a good thing because it brought attention to the war, but it's only seemed to bring attention to the fact that Turner said it was a good thing soldiers were committing suicide.
  • A task force set up by Governor Rick Scott has recommended tuitions be adjusted to be higher at higher tier schools and within schools lower for science, technology, engineering and math majors. There but for the grace of government…