A.M. Links: Romney Declines Nickelodeon Invitation, Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded, Record-Breaking Skydive Set for Today

News from Nickelodeon to the Nobel


  • childish voters pick the president too

    Mitt Romney declined an invitation from Nick News to participate in a Nickelodeon special, citing time constraints, becoming the first candidate since John Kerry in 2004 to skip the event.  The Viacom-owned cable channel runs a poll after their special, the winner of whom has won every election since the special started in 1992, with the exception of 2004. Obama won the kid's vote by 2 percent in the 2008 poll.

  • The NYPD Commissioner endorsed a grand jury investigation of a police shooting of an unarmed motorist in Queen, but the Queens DA is already investigating because a grand jury is routine in police shootings like these.
  • Convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky will be sentenced today. The former Penn State assistant football coach claims he's an innocent victim of a vast conspiracy.
  • The British Ministry of Justice will be revising the law on using force to defend your home; homeowners will now be able to use disproportionate force, and not just reasonable force, to repel intruders.
  • The Nobel Prize in Physics will be shared by an American and a Frenchman for the study of the relationship between light and matter on a quantum level (it's turtles all the way down).
  • The skydiver Felix Baumgartner is set to break the record for highest sky dive, at 23 miles, and is expected to break the sound barrier.

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