Google to Add Street View to Mobile Maps

Your move, Apple


It looks as though Google plans to add Street View to its mobile browser-based version of Google Maps. The official announcement won't be made until tomorrow, but long-time WSJ tech columnist Walt Mossberg casually dropped word of the addition in this this piece about the latest Google Maps for Android. This confirms last month's rumors that Street View would be landing on mobile browsers near the first week of October.

The move is likely fueled by Apple's recent jettisoning of Google Maps from iOS 6. After failing to reach an agreement with Google for the inclusion of turn-by-turn voice navigation in iOS, Apple decided to do things its own way: create its own mapping software from scratch. The transition from Google Maps to Apple's own in-house solution has been controversial though, even prompting CEO Tim Cook to apologize for the numerous issues frustrating some customers. Of course, one of the biggest criticisms? Google Street View is gone.