Obama Leads Mitt, Men Feel Insecure at Homeland Security, Son of Sam Doesn't Like Guns: P.M. Links


  • David Berkowitz

    Obama leads Romney by nine percent in the latest Fox News poll. That's well outside the margin of error and a clear sign that Lousy Option A is now preferred over Lousy Option B.

  • Hacked emails published by Wikileaks reveal that U.S. intelligence officials have panopticon-style surveillance systems in place all across the country as part of the TrapWire Program. Oddly, Wikileaks has been driven offline for days.
  • A lawsuit filed by a male Homeland Security employee alleges sexual harassment and reverse sex discrimination during the tenure of Janet Napolitano.
  • Primarily because the economy around the world is so sucky, the International Energy Agency cut its global crude oil demand forecasts for 2012 and 2013. With little money floating around, the IEA sees less call for energy in the months to come.
  • A Virginia woman says she was fined $5,000 for, among other things, running "unlicensed events" at her farm, like a birthday party for a friend's child. She and her pitchfork-wielding friends (yes, really) showed up at a zoning board meeting to express their displeasure.
  • Anti-gun-rights activists have a new ally. David Berkowitz, the imprisoned serial killer known as "Son of Sam," thinks "society has to take the glory out of guns." Well .. of course he doesn't want the rest of us packing heat.
  • Army Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo who planned a bombing attack against fellow soldiers in support of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, will instead spend life in prison.

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