A.M. Links: Obama Chides Boy Scouts, Eurozone May Shrink, Push for Jury Nullification


  • CopBlock

    No good conduct medal for you, President Obama says to the Boy Scouts, as he comes out against their ban on gay members.

  • In her murder trial, Gu Kailai, wife of former Chinese politburo member Bo Xilai, pled guilty to charges that she poisoned a British businessman.
  • Army Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo faces sentencing today for planning to blow up a restaurant full of fellow soldiers for religious reasons.
  • Some members of the eurozone are on their way out, warns Otmar Issing, a former European Central Bank chief economist.
  • With members of  her cabinet implicated in shenanigans involving the company that prints Argentina's pesos, President Cristina Fernandez is pushing to nationalize the firm and shield it from investigation.
  • As CopBlock founder, Adam Mueller, faces trial for recording conversations with government officials, his supporters urge potential jurors to nullify charges in the case.
  • A federal judge ruled against two Hawaii women who want to get married, saying that changes to the state's marriage laws should come from legislators.
  • Since January, nearly a dozen officers have been arrested or fired or have resigned from the Dekalb County, Georgia, police department amidst allegations of illegality and brutality.

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