A.M. Links: Syrian Prime Minister Defects, Wisconsin Shooter Identified, Hillary Visits Nelson, Obama Campaign Office Stormed By Occupy, Curiosity Lands


  • The Syrian Prime Minister, Riad Hijab, has defected to Jordan with his family. Three other ministers are rumored to have also defected. 
  • Curiosity successfully landed on Mars. The rover is scheduled to carry out a two year search for evidence of life on the Red Planet. 
  • Mitt Romney's campaign raised over $100 million in the month of July. Ninety four percent of all donations were for less than $250. 
  • The gunman responsible for this weekend's shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin has been identified as ex-soldier Wade Michael Page. The FBI is treating the incident as an act of domestic terrorism. 
  • Hillary Clinton has met Nelson Mandela on the last leg of her African tour. 
  • Occupy protesters have vandalized Obama's campaign headquarters in Oakland, CA.