Politics and Pop


Kennedy spent much of the 1990s as the face of MTV's Alternative Nation. Currently the self-described "Republitarian" can be heard on KYSR in Los Angeles as the host of Music in the Mornings. reason asked Kennedy for three lessons politicians can learn from pop culture.

1 Rehab Whether you're Demi Moore, Michael Richards, or Mel Gibson, there's nothing the 12-step shuffle can't cure. Congress and the president are absolutely addicted to spending money they don't have. I'm sure Dr. Drew wouldn't mind setting up shop inside the Beltway for 28 days to do some group therapy. 

2 Reinvention The ability to start from scratch and make yourself better than ever is a testament to the power of a good stylist and a great manicure. The presidential race is stalled on the single issue of contraception, but there has to be a discussion fresher and more pertinent than aspirin and sluts. How about monetary policy? Iran?

3 Reefer Snoop Dogg rolled into El Paso, Texas (where Willie Nelson was once busted), in a tour bus filled to the rafters with weed smoke. The cops didn't find any actual reefer, so he was only smacked with a fine for possession of paraphernalia. He is willing to risk life, limb, and liberty for his drug of choice; if only politicians were so willing to have cuffs slapped on them for the cause.