A.M. Links: Taliban Commander Turns Himself In, Blowback in Yemen, Michigan Lotto Winner Charged With Welfare Fraud


  • she kept her food stamps

    Internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee warns that the extension of governments' surveillance power online is the greatest threat to the Internet and a "destruction of human rights."

  • A mid-level Taliban commander turned himself in at a police checkpoint in Afghanistan after seeing himself on a wanted poster, hoping to collect the $100 reward himself.
  • The blowback to America's drone campaign in Yemen could be starting.
  • A lottery winner in Michigan is now facing charges of welfare fraud for collecting food stamps after winning a million dollar jackpot. Said Michigan's Attorney-General: "It's simply common sense that million dollar lottery winners forfeit their right to public assistance". 
  • Chelsea Clinton's struggling at NBC News.
  • Tired of half-naked women posing on their roads and the theft of their signs, the town of Fucking, Austria, is considering changing its name.

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