Zimmerman Faces Charges, Presidential Race Could Hinge on Four States, FBI Pays Damages Over Improper Raid: P.M. Links


  • Underwear will be worn on the outside!

    If Obama and Romney start spending a lot of time in Miami and Vegas, don't be surprised. The Presidential race could depend on the outcomes in just four states.

  • Neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who became a national lightning rod after shooting Trayvon Martin, will face criminal charges over the incident.
  • A key ally of Arizona's controversial Sheriff "Generalissimo Joe" Arpaio was disbarred over politically driven investigations of opponents.
  • The president surrounded himself with rich people who like him to call for higher taxes on rich people. No word yet on how many attendees made their mint in tax planning.
  • Shockingly, Charles Manson has been denied parole and won't be eligible again until 2027.
  • Still struggling with that constitutional learning curve, the FBI and UC-Berkeley police agree to erase improperly seized data and pay damages and attorney's fees to settle lawsuits over raids on two radical groups.

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