A.M. Links: Newt Gingrich Prepares to be a Romney Surrogate, The Federal Reserve Clears Itself of Allegations, U.S. Troops on Psychotropics


  • better days ahead

    More than 100,000 active duty U.S. Army troops are currently on some kind of psychotropic medication.

  • "No regrets" for Newt Gingrich as he prepares to transition from Mitt Romney alternative to Mitt Romney surrogate.
  • The Federal Reserve's OIG "did not find any evidence of undue political interference with Federal Reserve officials  related to the 1972 Watergate burglary or Iraq weapons purchases during the 1980s."
  • The family of Trayvon Martin may sue the homeowner's association of the gated community in which the shooting occurred.
  • Iran's Foreign Minister rejects setting pre-conditions to the resumption of nuclear talks later this week.
  • Stocks across Asia fell today in response to Friday's weak U.S. jobs numbers.

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