Nice Fakegate* Observation


Ethics Chair of the American Geophysical Union (retired)

Today's Washington Post has a pretty good article on the continuing public fallout from the Fakegate scandal in which global warming activist Peter Gleick phished documents about its global warming counter-campaign from the free-market Heartland Institute. The in paper edition, the subhed reads:

Climate change researchers put their credibility on the line when frustration turns to politicization. 

No, really?

The article features a nice quotation characterizing the motivations behind Gleick's actions from climate catastrophe skeptic Princeton University physicist Will Happer who is chairman of the George C. Marshall Institute: 

"If you are saving the planet, along with a good funding source, the ends apparently justify the means."

The whole Post article is here. Read Steven Greenhut's recent Reason column "Saving the Earth, One Fraud at a Time," here

*Based on the claim that one of the more incendiary documents revealed by Gleick is an alleged cut-and-paste job.