Reason Morning Links: Obama Assassinates His First U.S. Citizen, Trio of Pundits Declare Chris Christie Too Fat to Be President, USPS Attacks the Internet in New Advertising Campaign


  • U.S.-born al-Qaeda Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki has been assassinated
  • Michael Kinsley, Henry Blodget, and Eugene Robinson all agree: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is too fat to be president. 
  • From the Postal Service's new ad campaign: "'A refrigerator has never been hacked,' an announcer says in the first message as an actress pins a paper bill to her fridge."
  • Feds raid Boeing factory, charge 37 with selling prescription drugs. 
  • Over 4,000 federal corrections officers were investigated for misconduct last year. That's double the number who were investigaated in 2001. 
  • Mother Jones refutes Jonathan Turley's L.A. Times op-ed, in which the law professor said that Obama had killed the civil liberties movement. MoJo's response? "Obama, Rule Of Law Guy"

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