10 Reasons We Need Julian Assange (or, More Important, Wikileaks-Type Outfits)


From the indispensable Cock Rock comes a Top 10 list that, unlike all the others, mixes playful commentary with searing insights regarding the news of the day. Here's 10 reasons Julian Assange is all that:

3. The word "Wikileak" is a beacon of urination jokes.

4. If there's an outlet for guys who want to see girls felate a donkey, then there should be an outlet for government whistleblowers….

9. The first amendment is there to protect us from the government, not the government from us.

10. Aside from whistleblowing, the only other way to keep a government honest is to keep it small, which we're really bad at doing.

Whole list here.

Reason on Wikileaks.

Last week, I defended Wikileaks on Fox's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. Click here to go to the tape.

And look for a vid on Wikileaks to be released later today.