Quotes from March 2010


“One thin September soon / A floating continent disappears / In midnight sun” 

â€"excerpt from a poem by Al Gore in his book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, November

“You hear these sort of horror stories about the government is gonna take your property, or they’re gonna confiscate your ground, and I always thought it was some sort of libertarian gobbledy-gook. But in this case that’s exactly what’s happening.” 

â€"singer and rancher Huey Lewis on a property rights battle in Montana, in the Web video Mitchell Slough: The Other Side of the Story, November

 â€œHe hated me and he was jealous of me at the same time because I had been to New Jersey.” 

â€"kidnapped Iranian-Canadian reporter Maziar Bahari, on a Revolutionary Guard interrogator who was “fascinated” with life in the Garden State, 60 Minutes, November 22

“I don’t care about the Constitution! The Constitution isn’t here; you’re here. Don’t be a pinhead.” 

â€"Bill O’Reilly to Andrew Napolitano, who cited the Constitution in a debate about the decision to hold the 9/11 trials in New York City, Fox News, November 17