The Top 10 Most-Read Stories at in 2009

Absurd Time mag covers, a defense of exteme pornography, a defense of the QWERTY keyboard (from 1996!), are you a terrorist quiz, Obama's health-care lies, & more.


Here's a list of the stories at that pulled the most page views during 2009.

1. The Top 10 Most Absurd Time Covers of The Past 40 Years: Mr. Luce's mag does satanism, porn, crack, Pokemon, and more! & Jeff Winkler | June 10, 2009

2. In Defense of Extreme Pornography: Why Janet Romano and Rob Zicari have no business being in federal prison. Greg Beato | October 27, 2009

3. A Forensics Charlatan Gets Caught in the Act: Video from a defense attorney's sting exposes Mississippi bite-mark "expert" Michael West. | May 15, 2009

4. Two Pints of Non-Alcoholic Lager and a Packet of Fat-Free Crisps: How pointless regulations are ruining British pub life | June 1, 2009

5. The Next Catastrophe: Think Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were a politicized financial disaster? Just wait until pension funds implode. from the February 2009 issue

6. Typing Errors: The standard typewriter keyboard is Exhibit A in the hottest new case against markets. But the evidence has been cooked. & Stephen E. Margolis from the June 1996 issue

7. What Michael Phelps Should Have Said: Smoking pot shouldn't be a crime. Or the public's business. Radley Balko | February 2, 2009

8. Are You a Terrorist?: Take Reason's short quiz for answers, dammit! Nick Gillespie | April 16, 2009

9. Obama's Lies Matter, Too: The president pushes back against health care misinformation, then spreads a bunch of his own. Matt Welch | September 10, 2009

10. Disturbing the Peace: On the inalienable right to "excessively noisy sex." from the August/September 2009 issue