Hit & Run

Coming Today at 1PM ET: Real Live Chat With Welch and Gillespie!


Live chat with the Seigfried and Roy of alternative politics that will inevitably lead to the great libertarian future, Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, who are dialing in from opposite ends of the country because they are so goddamned sick and tired of debating which one is Seigfried and which one is Roy.

The fun begins right here at Reason.com today, Thursday, 1PM ET.

Two editors in chief enter the Thunderdome of live chat.

Three will exit.

Ear-biting, ankle-twisting, and the Sleeper Hold will be allowed. Name-calling not.

This chat is part of our 2009 Webathon, which ends on Friday (promise!). Thanks for your generous support. For more info, go here now.