In Defense of Roger Moore as James Bond Or, Why Is Chris MatthewsFantasizing About Blowing Up Rush Limbaugh's Head?


Via Instapundit comes this Hotair/Ed Morrissey vid and transcript of Hardball host Chris Matthews musing about someone "jam[ming] a CO2 pellet into [Limbaugh's] head and he's going to explode like a giant blimp." You know, just like Yaphet Kotto at the end of the Roger Moore Bond flick Live And Let Die. Seriously. Morrissey notes:

No surprise here from the classiest cable network to drag anchor in the ratings, but consider if someone on Fox had offered this kind of fantasy musing on air about a liberal show host — say, Keith Olbermann or Matthews himself. The Left would have screamed about fascism and brownshirts, and of crypto-signaling for assassinations and the like.

That's all true, but then Morrissey goes too far:

Live and Let Die?  Matthews is into the Roger Moore Bond films?  That explains a lot, actually.

Au contraire: I am surely not the only filmgoer—or even libertarian—who agrees that when it comes to Bond, nobody did it better than Roger Moore (and possibly his epigone Pierce Brosnan). I understand that this is a minority position, though not as extreme as the George Lazenby gambit, but I'd rather watch Moore suavely ham his way through, say Octopussy than Sean Connery sleepwalk through Thunderball. Indeed, I'd rather catch Escape to Athena than virtually any Connery movie, although there's no denying that late Connery efforts such as Medicine Man and Rising Sun are pure comedy gold.

And incidentally, I take it all back after watching the trailer for Live and Let Die:

Update: Regarding some of the comments, below: Yes, it's always time for Zardoz!