“I’m happy now. I don’t have to prep, I don’t have to grade tests, I don’t have my own class. I don’t really have to do anything.”

â€"a New York City educator in the Absent Teacher Reserve, a program for roughly 1,400 unionized teachers who don’t have posts but still get paid, quoted in The New Republic, May 20

“I think we’ve had quite enough capitalism in the last eight years.”

â€"Howard Dean, interviewed by CNBC, May 7

“I think in less than five years, there will be such a stigma attached to eating meat and dairy that it will be similar to smoking cigarettes today.…You want to go eat a cheeseburger, then you need to go to a special room, where people are eating cheeseburgers. Wouldn’t that be great?”

â€"vegetarian activist Rip Esselstyn, interviewed by CBS News, April 26

“I will not even entertain merit pay because I believe that merit pay is an insult.”

â€"Keith Johnson, Detroit Federation of Teachers, interviewed by NPR, April 21