Last Week's Top 5 Hits at


In case you missed them, here are the top five most popular columns that ran at between July 6 and July 12:

California Screaming: The Golden State's political class comes unglued in the face of a citizens' revolt, by Matt Welch (7/7)

The El Paso Miracle: How can a comparatively poor, high-immigration town that sits across the border from super-violent Ciudad Juarez be one of the safest big cities in America? by Radley Balko (7/6)

The Light Was Pink, Officer! In defense of a new Massachusetts law forcing people to pay for their own traffic hearings, by Katherine Mangu-Ward (7/6)

The Secret of Palin's Staying Power: Why sex appeal matters in politics, by Steve Chapman (7/9)

Why We'll Leave L.A.: Arbitrary and capricious behavior by local lawmakers is chasing business out of the City of Angels, by Rick Newcombe (7/10)