When Will Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth Accept the Global Scientific Consensus on Biotech Crops?



Earlier this month, the European Food Safety Authority ruled that Monsanto's insect resistant biotech corn variety MON810 is safe. According to the EFSA: 

…MON810 is as safe as its conventional counterpart with respect to potential effects on human and animal health. The EFSA GMO Panel also concludes that maize MON810 is unlikely to have any adverse effect on the environment in the context of its intended uses….

Of course, in light of the overwhelming scientific consensus that biotech crops are safe, environmental activists immediately dropped their opposition to them. OK, not exactly. As Reuters reports:

"Allowing EFSA to express opinions on GM crops while it cannot assess long-term environmental impacts is like allowing someone into a Formula 1 race just because they have a driving licence," said Marco Contier, GMO policy director at Greenpeace's European office in Brussels.

"The green light should not be given for this crop to continue to be grown in Europe," said Helen Holder, GMO campaign coordinator at Friends of the Earth Europe. "It's time to sack the EFSA scientists, disband its GMO panel and move GMO risk assessment to a truly independent and effective body," she said.

As usual, Greenpeace and FOE prefer to shoot messengers rather than listen to their scientific evidence.