Reason Talkers Around Town: Ron Bailey on "The Libertarian Dime"


Last month, the guys behind The Libertarian Dime, Shane, Jonathan and Mike, talked with Reason's science correspondent in a wide-ranging discussion on topics such transhumanism, genetic testing, and even a foray into environmentalist politics.

From the show's description:

This week, Shane, Jonathan, and Mike had the immense pleasure of speaking with Ron Bailey of Reason about transhumanism, its many forms, and what it means in a free-market society. We also discussed the political ramifications of transhumanism and what legislation is in the works to guide or hinder the movement, as well as how transhumanism impacts laws and practices that are already in place. The show also briefly touched on issues such as land usage, veganism, and the ethics surrounding knowing your own DNA sequence. It was a lot of fun to do, and the hosts of the Libertarian Dime thank Ron Bailey for allowing them to speak with him for the entire show. A great show, that libertarians and science geeks shouldn't miss!

To listen to the show and check other episodes go here