Food Freedom

Edible Googly Eyes Undermine Faith in God


flying spaghetti monster

The New York Times food section is always a joy, with its declarations that a $65 sushi prix fixe is "affordable" dining, its demands that we schlep to Brooklyn for the authentic experience of drinking beer made in Utica, and articles titled things like "Vinegars Hear Muses of Long Ago." (All this, just in yesterday's edition!)

But the good people at the NYT have let me (and Serious Eats) down. In an article about food-based science projects, they failed to property identify a flying spaghetti monster, captioning it: "Malted milk ball eyes atop a noodle monster."

Here at reason, we know anti-creationist humor when we see it. Jesse Walker explains:

Behold the Flying Spaghetti Monster, noodle-god of the Pastafarians….The monster was created—or revealed?—by Bobby Henderson when Kansas decided to teach "intelligent design" alongside evolution. "I and many others around the world are of the strong belief that the universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster," he wrote to the state board of education in 2005, urging that this theory receive equal time.

For an brilliant, obsessive account of how to make your own edible googly eyes without a single drop of divine intervention, go here.

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