Marriage Propositions Gaining Steam (and no one Cares)


Over at the Corner, Maggie Gallagher is celebrating the growing support for Florida's Proposition 2, California's Proposition 8, and Arizona's Proposition 102, each of which—if passed—would ban gay marriage in those states (and in the case of Florida, civil unions and domestic partnerships as well):

Younger voters are leading the swing against gay marriage, reports CBS News. Why? My best guess is: a lot of them are parents who don't really want their schools teaching their 5 year olds about King and King (See the latest ad, at…

Meanwhile the Miami Herald is conceding that polls show the Florida marriage amendment commands a strong majority support.

Getting to 60 percent is a big hurdle, but the undecideds tend to break in favor of marriage amendments.

In Arizona the latest poll shows the marriage amendment is up 49 percent to 40 percent. 

It's the Corner, right? No surprise there. But what is surprising is that these developments aren't getting anywhere near as much airtime on the major networks, editorial pages, or blogs as other expressions of convervative bigotry. How is it that chastising Republicans for exaggerating Barack Obama's connection to Bill Ayers (which Michael Moynihan criticizes in the post below) is more important than covering the GOP's efforts at further alienating (to put it lightly) nontraditional families in two of the biggest, most affluent states in the country? (And Arizona—which has me searching to no avail for the appropriate superlative.)

Leave it to Dan Savage—a potty-mouthed, threesome-lovin', sex columnist, for chrissakes—to be the a leading critic of both bans (and of course, Andrew Sullivan):

The six biggest Savage Love donors to either or www.sayno2 .com will see their letters in print, and everyone who makes a donation of at least $25 to either group—send me your donation confirmation e-mail along with your question—gets a personal reply from yours truly. The cutoff date for eligible letters is October 16. And if my readers in Canada want to play along, too, you're invited to send proof of a donation to someone, anyone, running against Stephen Harper.

(Side note: Gallagher is one of the most disillusioned, spiteful, and smug opponents of same-sex marriage in the game. One would think that the author of The Case for Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier, and Better Off Financially would concede that even gays deserve to be happier, healthier, and better off financially.)