Recently on Stadium Subsidies; the Future of Libertarian Politics (featuring Barr, Root, Gravel); Pinkerton on Libertarianism in 2058; Balko on Transfat; the Case of Cory Maye


It's a beautiful Memorial Day in much of the country. Spend it indoors watching recent videos over at Just click on the images below. (Note: for more info on each video, including related articles, resources, and how to add a video to your site, go to the site itself.)

Take Us Out of the Ball Game: Are Sports Subsidies Worth It? Hosted by Nick Gillespie, approximately three minutes.

The Future of Libertarian Politics: Featuring Bob Barr, Wayne Allyn Root, Mike Gravel, and Vern McKinley. Freewheeling discussion moderated by Matt Welch and David Weigel, approximately 10 minutes.

James P. Pinkerton: Libertarianism in 2058. Approximately seven minutes.

Radley Balko on Nanny State Bans on Retirement Living Channel. Approximately five minutes.

Mississippi Drug War Blues: The Case of Cory Maye. Hosted by Drew Carey, approximately 25 minutes.