“It would be hard to concoct something more ridiculous.”
â€"anti-obesity crusader and “Twinkie tax” advocate Kelly Brownell, regarding a Mississippi bill requiring restaurants to refuse service to the obese, quoted in USA Today, February 6

“It is as outrageous as having Nazis march through Skokie, Illinois.”
â€"New America Foundation economist Len Nichols describing Barack Obama’s attacks on Hillary Clinton’s health care plan, during a press call, February 1

“It’s not like they were doing anything sneaky.”
â€"Texas state Rep. Ruth McClendon (D-San Antonio) on volunteers for a needle exchange program who were accused of dispensing “heroin injection rigs,” quoted in the San Antonio Current, January 30

“It comes to a point where there are certain things you just can’t do. And putting testicles on the back of a truck is just too much.”
â€"Maryland Del. Lionell Spruill (D-Chesapeake), explaining his bill banning “anything on a car or truck that looked like human genitalia,” WTKR, January 15

“The only thing is, they don’t have Wal-Marts near my house. I go to Best Buy or Target, but those places are pretty expensive.”
â€"Greg Oden, a rookie on the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers who is making $3.9 million a year, on his new home city, quoted in Sports Illustrated, December 24