Nanny State

Who Will Watch the Lunchboxes?


bacon burger

Bullies have long robbed the slow fat kids of their lunches and/or lunch money in schoolyards worldwide. But, in a new twist on that age old model, lunch ladies will soon be charged with plucking brown bags from the hands of the fatties if their contents don't meet government-approved standards in the U.K.

The Daily Mail reports:

If a packed lunch is deemed to contain too much fat and sugar, parents could be sent warning letters or their children's meals confiscated….

Under the Government's obesity strategy, all schools will be expected to design a "healthy lunchbox policy" on what makes a nutritional packed lunch over the next year.

Every kid is scared of the archetypal lunch lady, with her hairnet and orthopedic shoes. But this takes things to a whole new level. I'm guessing that the tasty lunch shown above will be off-limits, for example, and not just because of the beer. (Note: clicking through to this recipe for the deep fried cheese-stuffed all-bacon cheeseburger with fried jalapenos may result in adverse health outcomes)