Wharton Study Confirms Conventional Shopping Wisdom


Sometimes it seems that academicians spend a great deal of their time and effort in confirming things that their grandmothers told them. For example, according to a new Wharton study:

When it comes to shopping, women are from Nordstrom's and men are from Sears.

Women are happy to meander through sprawling clothing and accessory collections or detour through the shoe department. They like to glide up glass escalators past a grand piano, or spray a perfume sample on themselves on their way to, maybe, making a purchase. For men, shopping is a mission. They are out to buy a targeted item and flee the store as quickly as possible, according to new Wharton research.


Article detailing the results of the Wharton study here.

Disclosure: On the other hand, I have been known to wander around more or less aimlessly in Best Buys and Lowe's just to marvel at the cornucopia of neat stuff they sell. When I'm in my consumer trance, I don't want to be bothered by any salespeople.