A Corrupt DC Tax Official's Plea for Help?


As sometime and part-time resident of the District of Columbia, I have watched with horror, fascination, and amusement the corrupt shenanigans of Washington's city government for nearly thirty years. After the political demise of Marion "Mayor for Life" Barry, the city government actually began to clean up its act. Apparently, the clean up has not yet reached into all the dark nooks and crannies of DC's local government.

Since last week, residents have been treated to an unfolding scam in which property tax officials issued to themselves and their cronies bogus property tax refund checks amounting to millions of dollars. For me, the Washington Post reported the piece de resistance of this scandal today. To wit:

A Washington Post analysis of city records has found a total of $31.7 million in questionable property tax refunds dating back seven years—including $346,700 to one fictitious company named "Bilkemor LLC."

Bilkemor LLC? Is it possible that a corrupt tax official was crying out for help–"please stop me before I graft again?"