California Assembly Wants to Outlaw Cat and Dog Miscegenation


No, not oulaw the the creation of biotech combinations of felines and canines, but crossbreeds of Siamese with Persians and Poodles with Golden Retrievers. Earlier this month, members of the California State Assembly voted 41-38 to outlaw the existence of mixed-breed dogs and cats in the Golden State.

According to a PetPac:

Assembly Bill 1634, authored by Los Angeles Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, will allow only select purebred dogs and cats to breed. Pet owners who don't sterilize their mixed breed pets by four months of age will face a $500 fine and possible criminal penalties.

The bill will now go California's Senate. PetPac info on the bill here. Whole press release here.

Kudos for long time reason reader Mark Lambert.

Addendum: AB 1634 is even more ridiculously draconian than I thought.  See the text here