There Is Too Much Employment in Myanmar Anyway


The Myanmar Women's Affairs Federation, which is kind of like Burma's IWF, puts some sex workers out of work:

Aye Aye Lwin, the head of the Myanmar Women Affairs Federation in the township, allegedly found her husband Tin Win, the head of the township Peace and Development Council of the junta, in a massage parlor in the township o­n June 7, according to Three Pagoda Pass residents. She asked Tin Win to immediately return home, but her husband refused.

After that, the source said, Tin Win complained that his wife had put him to shame in front of his government official friends, and they quarreled at the massage parlor.

The next day, Aye Aye Lwin ordered the massage parlors to close in the name of the Myanmar Women's Affairs Federation. She said the massage parlors made husbands guilty of misconduct.

I started reading this article thinking that it was about actual Burmese body massages, which generally involve being beaten repeatedly by an older Burmese woman who, upon realizing that you are in pain, will laugh and beat you harder. These other massages sound a lot nicer.