Why May Day Is a Dark Day


The folks from Catallarchy remember the dark, bloodstained legacy of May Day:

Welcome to our annual Day of Remembrance. In past years, it has been held at our previous blog Catallarchy. This year, we were able to have our new project The Distributed Republic up and running just in time to host it here. Our goal is remember the plight of those lost lives to an ideology which promised to free the workers of the world but did the opposite.

Go here for details.

In a Reason vein, here are some stories worth rereading on May Day:

Rose-Colored Glasses: What even disillusioned Marxists missed, by Alan Charles Kors. Looks at the legacy of The God That Failed.

Memory Hole: Why the left wants to forget Uncle Joe, by Charles Paul Freund. Haunting review of Martin Amis' Koba the Dread: Laughter and the Twenty Million.

Hollywood's Missing Movies: Why American films have ignored life under communism, by Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley.