5 Nastiest Campaign Ads So Far… (Veiled Subscription Pitch)


The hugely entertaining newish web mag 10 Zen Monkeys scores another winner with its recent bit about the "5 Nastiest Campaign Ads So Far," which includes automatic video links to hoo-larious attacks on Harold Ford, James Webb, Sean Astin impersonator Mike DeWine, and more. These ads are just absolutely wonderful, so much so that they almost seem to be mocking satires, rather than the real McCoy itself.

And let's stress the "so far," as I just became aware of another ad, this one emanating like a fish-scented breeze out of a Northern California congressional race involving Republican incumbent Rep. John Doolittle. The ad, linked below, ends with the unforgettable line, "Time for John Doolittle to stop tolerating forced abortions and sex slavery. Time for a change!" Really. Don't be slow in checking out the 10 Zen Monkeys link above or the vid below.

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