It's a Bad Time to Buy a House Anyway


From Davidson County, North Carolina, comes your daily asset seizure story:

Two men traveling south on Interstate 85 southwest of Lexington Tuesday told Davidson County sheriff's deputies that the $88,000 in cash they had hidden in their car was to buy a house in Atlanta.

Officers with the sheriff office's Interstate Criminal Enforcement unit didn't believe the story after a drug-sniffing dog found a strong odor of narcotics inside the car.

No drugs were found, and the two men weren't charged with a crime, but officers did keep the money, citing a federal drug assets seizure and forfeiture law.

If a federal judge sides with the officers, $66,000 will go to the "sheriff's office general fund." The office has collected $400,000 in a similar manner this year alone. Sez the Sheriff:

"It allows us to buy equipment without using taxpayers' money."

Via Nobody's Business.