A Pack of Sheep, Not a Herd of Sheep: Vigilant Citizens Beat Back Incursion of Anti-Bush License Plates; Proud Informer Boasts, "I Have No Life and I Must Scream"


A couple months ago I posted a story about a fellow in Iowa whose vanity plates said ITMFA, an obscure abridgement of either Impeach The Mother Fucker Already or, in environments were expurgation is advisable, Impeach The Miserable Failure Already. The state Department of Transportation received two complaints about his five-letter statement, and the subversive tags were recalled.

At the time I wrote:

[T]hat's the part of this story that bothers me. Not the fact that the state wants to squash the plate. That's annoying, and I suppose I'm against it, but it doesn't speak to any larger issue. It's the fact that there are people trolling through the highways, looking for messages that show insufficient respect for the president, and squealing to the authorities. Doesn't matter if the word "motherfucker" doesn't actually appear on the plates. Doesn't matter if it's an obscure abbreviation that will be impenetrable to anyone not already in on the joke. Do your part, Citizen! Make that call!

This morning I got an email from someone claiming to be one of the Red-State Guards who informed on the driver—and, apparently, on many other drivers as well. The message pointed me to a blog post he'd written about his little crusade. I suppose it might be an elaborate fake, but I suspect it's real; judge for yourself, and enjoy this peek into the hard-core Bush loyalist's mind.

His email also said that he is "now getting threats from the loons." That's the beauty of a conflict like this: Everyone gets to feed everyone else's persecution complexes.