When Feminists Say That Women Can't Be Trusted to Make Up Their Own Minds


The Dallas Morning News reports that a bill in California that would essentially ban the sale of human eggs in that state is on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk. It is supported by the extremely leftwing Center for Genetics and Society and its associated front group, the Pro-Choice Alliance for Responsible Research. The Center supports the bill because it believes paying women for eggs exploits them and because it generally thinks that most biotech is icky. (The Center is afraid that people will make the wrong choices if companies are allowed to market cheap biogenetic technologies to the public.)

However, the Morning News points out that other more sensible feminists oppose the ban:

"I consider myself a feminist," said Pamela Madsen, founder and executive director of the New York-based American Fertility Association. "I get concerned when some women's groups say, 'Oh no, we have to make these decisions for women.'"

For a further exploration of the issues surrounding the market for human eggs, I strongly recommend reading the absolutely superb article "Ova for Sale" by my Reason colleague Kerry Howley, from the October issue on newsstands now.

Whole Dallas Morning News story here.