When it gets dark I tow your heart away


Thanks to commenter John for steering me to this incredible picture of Rita "I'm Nancy Grace but on MSNBC" Cosby's brush with the greatness that is John Mark Karr. Thanks to The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez for posting it. Thanks to Andrew Breitbart for hosting the image. Thank you, America, just dig the image:

I urge everybody to rent The King of Comedy tonight, and see if Rita Cosby's action shot isn't a perfect mirror of that movie's opening-credits shot, wherein crazed fan Sandra Bernhard tries to attack Jerry Lewis through the window of his limo. The telling difference being that even Bernhard's "Masha" would at least have regretted making such a spectacle of herself in front of her idol. MSNBC's gravelly voiced peroxecutor, on the other hand, was exceedingly proud of this picture, showing it off to her viewers again and again, as if to proclaim: "LOOK! I WAS THIS CLOSE TO AN OBSCURE LOSER WHO DIDN'T ACTUALLY KILL JONBENET RAMSEY!" If some Neil Postman revenant wants to come back to argue that the corporate media's race to the bottom is amusing our culture to death, I will, this one time, concede the argument.