French Anti-Biotech Vandals Jailed and Fined


In 2004, hundreds of anti-biotech vandals ripped up a field of genetically improved corn near Toulouse, France. At the time, anti-biotech poseur Jose Bove told reporters that the protesters were prepared to face the consequences. "This protest is legitimate and we did it to protect the consumer. We will assume the legal risks," he said.

Last week, a French court awarded the Dupont biotech seed subsidiary Pioneer Genetique damages of 58,819 Euros plus 5,000 Euros in legal costs. In addition, the court sentenced 8 of the vandals to jail for 2 to 4 months. The damages were taken from the bank account of one of the vandals. Pioneer Genetique is donating its award to the National Foundation for Soil Conservation Agriculture to study no-till agriculture. According to the Pioneer press release:

By making this donation to FNACS, Pioneer is demonstrating that this is not about money, but about principles—that farmers have a right to choose to plant products which offer benefits to their productivity, to the environment and to rural economies.

Perhaps Mr. Bove and his friends could ink some nifty tattoos during their stay in the cooler.