Because Kids Don't Hate Math Enough Already


A new website called has been launched to support K-12 math teachers in helping their students develop mathematical literacy through learning to understand and address community problems. Packed with over 750 standards-based lesson plans, articles, data sets, and graphs that are searchable by both math skills and social justice issues, is hoping to revolutionize the way that people think about mathematics education in this country. has the dual goals of raising mathematic literacy and simultaneously developing solutions to a range of community issues. The website supports educators to teach many different types of math within the context of studying social, political, and economic justice issues including: poverty, the Prison Industrial Complex, Military Recruitment, Public Health issues, and economic exploitation. also contains teaching materials on important financial topics for youth such as owning a credit card, paying for college, and avoiding subprime lenders, as well as materials on Ethnomathematics.

Check out the site, which is really quite impenetrable (and not just because I've never been good at math), here.