Another Online Gambling Exec Held; US Gov't Out of Real Problems


What the hell is wrong with the federal government? Reuters reports that authorities have just picked up Peter Dicks, the head of England-based online gambling site Sportingbet. Needless to say, the site is legal in the country(ies) in which its based.

This mirrors the arrest of BetOnSports CEO Howard Carruthers in July, a move that led Jacob Sullum to write:

If an executive of a U.S. media company were arrested in Beijing for violating a Chinese law against "subversive" online speech, or in Tehran for creating "indecent" Web content viewed by Iranians, Americans would ask what right these countries have to impose their illiberal policies on us. Sadly, our government is giving people in other countries good cause to wonder the same thing about the United States.

Sullum's whole column is here.