Armitage Open Thread


I don't think we've made any mention of the one-cheek-sneak ending of the Valerie Plame affair. Although the trial of "Scooter" Libby seems to be going ahead, it now looks like Richard Armitage, the Peter Boyle of the first GWB administration and a favorite of Bush critics because he wasn't an ideological, pro-war hathet man, is the main leaker. This anticlimax creates some legal and ethical issues around Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation, which The New York Times, for obvious reasons, is happy to jump on. I've never been terribly interested in Plamegate, beyond hoping that after all the time and energy expended we might get some entertaining fireworks out of it. The Judith Miller epiphenomenon was somewhat more entertaining, and you can read a variety of Reason coverage on that here. If you have strong opinions, modest opinions, or uninformed opinions (the truest opinions of all), you have the floor.