You Say Adoption, We Say Genocide


A front-page New York Times story about the recent rise in adoptions of black children by white parents claims we've come a long way since the National Association of Black Social Workers condemned such racial mixing as "cultural genocide." Nowadays the NABSW still opposes cross-racial adoption, but at least it has stopped calling it genocide.

The rest of the article details similar progress: Adoption agencies are not supposed to discriminate based on race anymore, but they still do, but then they get sued, and they usually lose. White parents who want to adopt black children have to demonstrate a high level of racial sensitivity, a commitment to "diversity," and a determination to maintain their children's connections to their African-American culture. Even when they meet these tests, they can look forward to second-guessing by black friends, neighbors, and total strangers skeptical of their ability to properly raise black children.

Who needs the hassle? When it comes to adoption, it's easier to deal with the totalitarian government of China. Yet the Times reports that many blacks are dismayed by white Americans' enthusiasm for foreign adoptions when so many black children are in need of decent, loving homes.