Online Bookies with Consciences Struggle, then Bet Heavily on Castro's Death


I'm not sure there's anything more annoying than a bookie who pretends he's not willing to take a bet on anything:

"We don't want to profit on someone's death. But Castro is unique," said Christopher Bennett, media relations director for

"I personally wrestled with it. But … this could have a huge effect on economics, foreign policy, trade. It's more than just someone passing away."

The online action for Castro's kicking of the bucket is as hot as [fill in Latin-flavored stereotypical metaphor here]. More here.

Anyone considering placing a wager should consult their voodoo priests, some of whom believe Fidel croaked on Monday, before laying down any cash.

Oh, and I just thought of something more annoying than a faux-conscientious bookie: It's the U.S. government arresting the head of an online gambling site that is fully legal in the guy's home country. What Reason's Jacob Sullum dubbed "the long arm of American paternalism."