Stop Politicizing My Heartfelt Desire to Oppress Women


Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is one among many cultural conservatives who oppose putting Plan B over the counter, though an FDA advisory panel recommended that it go OTC three years ago. Back in 2004, 49 likeminded Congressmen sent a letter to President Bush, complaining that "only the drug's safety and its effect on pregnancy" were considered in the FDA review process. Last week, in an effort to expedite the confirmation of a new commissioner, the FDA promised some movement on OTC access. Coburn's response? Stop politicizing the issue. No, really:

The Bush administration's policy on the morning after pill should be based on protecting the health of women, not their nominees. Delaying the appointment of a new FDA commissioner will have virtually no effect on the lives of ordinary Americans. However, bowing to short-term political concerns in this debate could endanger the health and safety of thousands of Americans.

The statement also informs us that Coburn is practically a woman, having "delivered over 4,000 babies."

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