Now She's Really Not My President


Back in aught-five, Gene Healy noticed something not-unusual about the president of the USA played by Geena Davis in the ABC stinker Commander In Chief: She was relentlessly bloodthirsty, invading two countries in two days, menacing tinpots all over the world, and fully supporting a militarized drug war. Following the principle that all military tactics developed overseas will eventually be re-imported for use against the citizens, Davis wound up her term by invading Prince George's County to quell an outbreak of blackness in the area.

But on television at any rate, no president is above the law. ABC has removed Geena Davis from office, awarding a presidential medal of freedom to Commander In Chief. America may still have to endure three already-filmed episodes, but Donald Sutherland, the show's not-so-secret hero, says the cancellation is almost definite.

Meanwhile, Geena Davis has received a special honor at the United Nations for her role in the show.

In the darkest days of the Davis presidency, Nick Gillespie reminded us all of a better time, when the perpetually underrated Patty Duke played America's first double-X prez in Hail To the Chief, a show that boasted the greatest White House cast since Kevin McCarthy performed Give 'Em Hell, Harry alone.